Senior Administrator
#24 Overall Ranking
12,786 Kills
6,776 Deaths
1.89 KDR
25,059 Performance
23273.1 Score per Minute
54 hour(s) played
24 week(s) since first connection
4 day(s) since last connection
201 connections
683 Messages
Nuketown last map played
GBUK Nuketown 24/7 HighXP last server played
8 hour(s) ago
Banned N1gger_Blaster for aim/walls
Banned FluffyDuffySkoo for .
Banned ayywore.dll for aimbot
Banned j9dasodsahio_lets_camp_adusnkau for walls/aim
5 day(s) ago
> who]]
9 day(s) ago
> ikr
> riot shields?
> really?
Banned ASTROWORLD for Bruh hackin and shiet
13 day(s) ago
> and not coming back
> who else
Banned hah-u-got-rekt for aimbot
> still online
> well?
15 day(s) ago
Banned [noob]thenoobyn for aimbot
Banned NO-T3ST2 for walls/aim
Banned YOYE for aimbot
Banned Mas.Deabs505 for spinbot
Banned LastPass for aimbot
Banned Higher Zeph for aimbot
16 day(s) ago
Banned [69]aqua for spin/aim
Temporarily banned [69]aqua for spin/aim
Banned Jahwaves for aimbot sad cunt
Banned gggggggglllll for Aimbot
Banned ImAVirgin for spin
Banned wreck for aimbot
Banned uisangfka for aimbot
17 day(s) ago
Banned Crit for aimbot
Banned ramz for spin
Banned [xan] pxrky- for walls