#1 Overall Ranking
663 Kills
190 Deaths
3.49 KDR
92,189 Performance
77690.5 Score per Minute
1 hour(s) played
18 week(s) since first connection
18 week(s) since last connection
4 connections
15 Messages
Killhouse last map played
GBUK Killhouse 24/7 HighXP last server played
18 week(s) ago
Banned by swf7 for no recoil
> the sound of that bullet hitting a head
Reported by Xeno for aimbot (see headshot ratio)
> worst pilot ever
> and for all the thing that say yes in video make them say no
> tunr of anti alising
> spawn trap
> thow>
Kicked by IW4MAdmin for Client slot is reserved for a privileged user
18 week(s) ago
> gg
> lmfao
> 1800gettothechoppa
> it
> what time is is?
> i got this
> woooahah
> mayhehm
> lol a frag just bounce off my face