#27 Overall Ranking
2,819 Kills
2,779 Deaths
1.01 KDR
8,641 Performance
11309.6 Score per Minute
31 hour(s) played
75 day(s) since first connection
19 day(s) since last connection
109 connections
371 Messages
Shipment last map played
GBUK Shipment 24/7 HighXP last server played
19 day(s) ago
> Unlike you
> But at lesat he's having fun
Warned ClitoRider for STOP KNIFING
Warned ClitoRider for stop knifing
> \!w @872 Stop Knifing
Unbanned ClitoRider for .
Temporarily banned ClitoRider for Stop knifing
27 day(s) ago
> weather is part of the mod
> nope
> Let me know if you want a smaller map
> let me know when youre bored of this map
> sure
> Are you two happy with this map or do you want a smaller one?
> Want me to swap it to a smaller map?
29 day(s) ago
> I closed door 3!
> win?
> I get it guys, you think he's cheating
> who is cheating?
> who?
> \!fr
> but VPNs are explicitly denied, and I already have some of his addresses
> he can try
> Sad that some people feel such a need for validation
Banned payloads for desperate for attention with AB
> orly? You've got logs for VPN usage
> Nice VPN
35 day(s) ago
Banned Tenser for AB
37 day(s) ago
> cool
> was that better swfy boy?