#49 Overall Ranking
545 Kills
670 Deaths
0.81 KDR
8,199 Performance
15343.4 Score per Minute
9 hour(s) played
14 day(s) since first connection
24 hour(s) since last connection
40 connections
183 Messages
arcadia last map played
GBUK GunGame 24/7 last server played
24 hour(s) ago
> it's called gungame
> why knife?
> Makes it possible to escaper a spawn trap
> spawn protection
> someone who knifes too much
> Right, I'm switching to gungame, GL
> I have british nationality yes
> tubes, RPGs, ATS, Jav are all banned because spammy
> stuns and flash are considered annoying
> smokes are allowed
> works for me
> check your binds
> yeah, nuke acts like MW3 MOAB
> empty
> sup
> But no Openreach line
> I'd very happily pay for £50/m for Sky 350/40
> by regular cable you mean a normal phone line or a thick cable?
> for my Virgin Media 200/20 package, it's around £60/m
> no but seriously, VDSL shouldn't have oversubscription issues
> my soul
> I'm on 200Mbps
> because that is shit
> you can also refer to the ombudsman, who can fine them and get you compensation
> wUnder OFCOM rules and regs, you can leave no penalty if they don't fix it consistently after 30 days of you telling them
> If that's how much it drops, you're in an oversubscribed node
> down and up
> What speed do you get?
> Mobile or fixed line?
> Using Voda for Broadband?