T6 = Bad
Senior Administrator
#1,944 overall ranking
615 total kills
751 total deaths
0.82 kills per death
92 perfomance rating
0.5 score per minute
GBUK Best Maps TDM 150 [Discord.me/gbukservers] last server played
1 day of play time
53 weeks since first connection
5 weeks since last seen
434 connections
194 messages sent
Plaza last map played
one month ago
he wont be coming back
site is being dumb again
not that i can remember
RipForFire hacking again
Permanently Banned namel for aimbot kys
Permanently Banned FaZe big one for aim/walls kys
why are you name spoofing
how fun
he was kickwed
i still havent seen anyone
fuk urself
fuck u
anyone else?
Permanently Banned [LS]zaxtronic for aimbot kys
Permanently Banned [niga]<tubby> for aimbot kys
Kicked 11037x for change name
barcode name doesnt mean we cant ban you
Permanently Banned [666]panda for wallks
but report first
its $vk then the player name
wont be needed
see this is why people camp
how in the fuck