YT: Malinois909
#1,950 overall ranking
58 total kills
365 total deaths
0.16 kills per death
18 perfomance rating
0 score per minute
GBUK Nuketown 24/7 TDM 300 [Discord.me/gbukservers] last server played
2 hours of play time
17 weeks since first connection
17 weeks since last seen
3 connections
93 messages sent
Nuketown 2025 last map played
4 months ago
bruh I need to stop sucking ass
jokke please teach me how to be good with the sniper
oh hello...
teach me how to be good at this fucking game please
gg anyways
yo can you quit camping us?
Quando you are 1 and 33 you cant talk
jesus my team sucks dick
hey guys
dalit leave please
Reported [kona]burger for wall
dude he was aimbotting hard as fuc
suck on dalit he is the faggot using aimbot
dalit do you like cock?
Reported daljit for aimbot
Dalit thats aimbot
I am getting dicked on
sorry I dont speak autistic
bigboi obvoiusly has the best gaming chair here
BIGBOI got that new aimbot attachment
Reported ElliotBoi for aimbot
dude I cant even leave the fucking spawn