#1,638 overall ranking
127 total kills
192 total deaths
0.66 kills per death
81 perfomance rating
0.1 score per minute
GBUK Nuketown 24/7 TDM 300 [Discord.me/gbukservers] last server played
1 hour of play time
17 weeks since first connection
17 weeks since last seen
7 connections
20 messages sent
Nuketown 2025 last map played
4 months ago
Too many cheaters
someone vote kick faze scope
Reported djenty boi for Cheating
no matter what server I join there is a cheater
Living the dream
Dunno, i cant imagine anything better to do on friday night. Shooting floor
Reported xddd for cheating
he is shooting floors and killing ppl
go spectator and look at him
no shit_
just go spectator
cant imagine any better thing to do
yeah, looking at floor and shooting
xddd is cheating
aye :D
Kicked by IW4MAdmin for Please change your ingame name to something unique