#766 Overall Ranking
3,097 Kills
1,958 Deaths
1.58 KDR
225 Performance
NaN Score per Minute
15 hour(s) played
15 day(s) since first connection
2 hour(s) since last connection
68 connections
255 Messages
Terminal last map played
GBUK Terminal 24/7 TDM300 last server played
2 hour(s) ago
> TY
> Octane, just let me get the cunt up top pls
> Fennec, the isis convert. holy shit those fuckers are still around
> as Xcal once said, FUCK scrub lifes xD
> gg
> FUCK OFF withthe stun/flashes
> youre a monster
> gg dude
Reported LoganeYT for crying bitch
> MP7 and assualt. such a pro
> Jegga, how bout you grow a pair and drop the flashes huh
> cunt on top of tower
1 day(s) ago
> yeah fuck this
> BIGG had to go balls deep assualtstreaks causing EVERYOLNE to leave
> gg....
> you just killed the server....
> whats the fucking point BIGG?'
> gg
> TY
> its basically a 5min campfest now
> please dont tho. assualtstreaks slow down the game too much
> ill just wait out the killkams. none of the team is helping trying to take it down so
> oh ffs
> nooooo
> true
> what kinda stupid shit did i do now? :P