#353 Overall Ranking
169 Kills
48 Deaths
3.52 KDR
235 Performance
1.1 Score per Minute
1 hour(s) played
67 day(s) since first connection
67 day(s) since last connection
4 connections
4 Messages
Raid last map played
GBUK Best Maps TDM 150 [Discord.me/gbukservers] last server played
67 day(s) ago
Kicked by IW4MAdmin for Previously banned for silent aim
Kicked by hehehe for silent aim
Banned by :[GBUK]Smech for silent aim
> sorry
> ok, i just trying
Reported by Gaulois for aimbot ?
> to get diamond camo go to tinyurl.com\gangorrapluto and follow the steps, is very easy
> are u crzy?