#1,393 Overall Ranking
606 Kills
732 Deaths
0.83 KDR
84 Performance
NaN Score per Minute
7 hour(s) played
15 week(s) since first connection
8 day(s) since last connection
15 connections
134 Messages
Dome last map played
GBUK Dome 24/7 TDM 300 last server played
14 week(s) ago
> o team
> Yeah, rust is in IW5 now
> How is giving each infected a singular throwable less balanced against firearms than only a stabbing weapon?
> Because balance
> Yes
> TK for infected always
> Finally, some good fucking food
> TKs are for balance
> just drop a message in the discord
> People are normally happy to play IW4x inf in the evenings
> We don't have bots on our IW4x inf
> Should be online
> nothing?
> wassup?
> fuck
> respect is a 2 way street
> and no rules against any other type of play style
> no rules against snipe
> I care about people votekicking people for not playing their way
> I don't care about this erver would be dead if no snipers""
> votekicking people for playing the objective is also bullshit
> Equally, people are allowed to play the objective
> THAT'S what I have an issue with
> votekicking people because they don't want to snipe
> For the record, I don't care if you guys wanna snipe
> for any reason
> and we reserve the right to revoke access to any user
> you're a user
> You ain't a customer
> and none of you are PAYING for it