#1,657 overall ranking
379 total kills
439 total deaths
0.86 kills per death
103 perfomance rating
NaN score per minute
GBUK Moshpit 24/7 TDM 300 last server played
2 hours of play time
27 weeks since first connection
1 week since last seen
18 connections
106 messages sent
mp_rust last map played
11 days ago
Whatever bro, youre clearly braindead
They are trying to fix it
Rekti has even said that the servers will do this after a few hours of run time
Bro, youre a fucking idiot
the devs have even said so
yes it is
Its a pluto issue. Nexus had the same exact issue earlier
What the fuck is happening
Use something else other than an ACR then
Use something else that isnt busted, then you can speak
ACR user, no right to talk
ACR user
Then come back to me
Look at how you play
Thanks <3
At least I play with a brain, unlike yourself
Holy fuck
You play like this, sad?
Anything else?
Quit switching and be on the same team
Dont go and fucking switch
Its put you on a team for a reason
Whats yours?
Dont switch teams retard
But im not going to
Honestly I think I could
What a fucking twat