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#1,769 Overall Ranking
96 Kills
124 Deaths
0.77 KDR
101 Performance
NaN Score per Minute
2 hour(s) played
50 day(s) since first connection
37 day(s) since last connection
8 connections
54 Messages
mp_rust last map played
GBUK Rust 24/7 TDM 300 last server played
4 day(s) ago
Banned matzy for silent aim
19 day(s) ago
Banned myname for wh aimbot kys pls
22 day(s) ago
Banned easyclaps for wh aimbot
24 day(s) ago
Banned YTCamileYT for neat wallhacks bro
Temporarily banned YTCamileYT for neat wallhacks bro
Temporarily banned Phantom for wrong person fuck
Temporarily banned Phantom for neat wallhacks bro
Banned CykaBlyatIdiNah for nice spinbot retard
31 day(s) ago
Banned [rzmn]rzmn for wh
Banned [Sn1p]StopCrying for wh aimbot
Banned TheMercocYT for wh aimbot
Temporarily banned $ir Cartier for Dumb report
34 day(s) ago
Banned eddboy for wh
Banned Zngk67 for retarded wh aimsnap
37 day(s) ago
Banned Thoshy for wh
Banned CubeZZ for wh
42 day(s) ago
Banned [AFG]I Have Testicula... for wh
Temporarily banned [AFG]I Have Testicula... for wh
43 day(s) ago
> do cg_fov 180
47 day(s) ago
> imma head out
> wtf
> *nervous*