Senior Administrator
#116 overall ranking
18,035 total kills
9,634 total deaths
1.87 kills per death
22,979 perfomance rating
25948.4 score per minute
GBUK Killhouse 24/7 HighXP last server played
3 days of play time
54 weeks since first connection
2 weeks since last seen
430 connections
1,229 messages sent
Killhouse last map played
25 days ago
Temporarily banned JonahMinajj for retard with duration of 1 hour
cause i can
hes banned
$vk redsocks
Permanently Banned [oao]BlvckViSiOn for walls kys
Unbanned Trash for .
Temporarily banned ZYTEKK88 for report abuse with duration of 1 hour
Temporarily banned sethaguirre for racism is not allowed here, next time is perma ban with duration of 1 hour
Permanently Banned Flikzzzz for aimbot kys
Permanently Banned Melon for aimbot
Unbanned Melon for .
Permanently Banned [HD]TurglupiLP for aim/walls
Permanently Banned blrsrrd for spinbot
Temporarily banned big man for racism with duration of 1 hour
unlock all
main menu
you know you can unlock all right?
Unbanned AAKQ8 for .
Permanently Banned wahdat for walls
Permanently Banned peepoo for aim/walls kys
Permanently Banned [NIG]I do cocaine for... for spinbot kys
Permanently Banned DiedNoCrying for walls