John Schmiikyo
#46 overall ranking
2,458 total kills
1,681 total deaths
1.46 kills per death
36,081 perfomance rating
47403.4 score per minute
GBUK Shipment 24/7 HighXP last server played
6 hours of play time
54 weeks since first connection
22 weeks since last seen
37 connections
32 messages sent
Shipment last map played
5 months ago
put that gun away mister
ion come knifing
oh makes sense i was wondering how was so little im avergaing 600
have you limited it?
what you opn?
fuck knows gbuk is shitter than all the other servers
way to ruin a game
get out with the hacks yutkh
me :D
hitler was a hacker too
she did admittadly
heliz why are you sucha gimpy nonce camping in that corner with a famas to madeline maccans head?
6 months ago
shoot me then you wont get knifed
me :D
i like to paly with knives
i was asking him if that what he meant im knifing in game he wanted me to do it for real
you said for real?
wqant me to come stab you in your house then?
we are the bots come to jizz in your brains