#1,758 Overall Ranking
0 Kills
12 Deaths
100 Performance
NaN Score per Minute
11 hour(s) played
87 day(s) since first connection
32 day(s) since last connection
62 connections
19 Messages
Shipment last map played
GBUK Shipment 24/7 HighXP last server played
2 day(s) ago
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Banned Externality for aimbot kill yourself faggot
5 day(s) ago
Banned [KFC]GonFrecces for aimbot kys
Banned KRK for aimbot kys
Banned SYPROX_ for aimbot kys
Banned FaZe Momma for wallhacks and silent aim
6 day(s) ago
Banned bbq chicken for wallhacks and silent aim, please kill yourself
Banned Mypa for Silent Aim
7 day(s) ago
Banned BITE for spinbot kys
Banned ViC for walls, using external tools, pls kys
Banned JAIME LA BITE for aimbot
9 day(s) ago
Banned xxx for silent aim
Banned eipwoeipw9iedop for spinbot, kys
13 day(s) ago
Banned Zuzi for Using Exodus
Banned Lutoooo for aimbot
Banned [MLT]NAHra for spinbot
14 day(s) ago
Banned WildFire for wallhacks
Banned AimAssist for Aimbot
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Banned Kaas for aimbot
Banned havoc for Walls
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Banned Ree for aimbot
Banned JorgeJnz for aimbot
15 day(s) ago
Banned newbie guy for spinbot
Banned jesuisnul for aimbot
Banned KSG for wallhacks
Banned Lana Rhoades for aimbot
18 day(s) ago
Banned AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA for aimbot