v r n y
#2 Overall Ranking
20,267 Kills
9,628 Deaths
2.11 KDR
49,139 Performance
57722.8 Score per Minute
41 hour(s) played
24 week(s) since first connection
53 day(s) since last connection
73 connections
237 Messages
Killhouse last map played
GBUK Killhouse 24/7 HighXP last server played
53 day(s) ago
> <3
> naa im chill b
> let me show you how to use a spas
> <3
> whats good babes
54 day(s) ago
Kicked GrosSacrama for walls
Reported GrosSacrama for walls
> ye
Kicked Bakalakistani for walls
Reported Bakalakistani for walls
64 day(s) ago
Kicked tejbz for hes a powerpoint presentation
> its 24/7 killhouse....
> ?
> how. im literally inside you and 5 noscopes miss
> tru
Kicked halk0 for walling
> ztq smokes earwax
> lol hal you ar actually walling
Kicked M.A.T.R.I.X for aimbot
> for being better than you?
> yes
> i have to report them so i can kick them
Kicked M.A.T.R.I.X for A. T. R. I. X aimbot
Kicked M.A.T.R.I.X for aimbot
Reported M.A.T.R.I.X for aimbot
18 week(s) ago
> sames
> yeah you gotta chill
> i got banned 3 times aha
> yea
> i did yesterday, just go into the discord and he'll unban you