Permanently banned for aimbot
#2 overall ranking
236 total kills
51 total deaths
4.63 kills per death
100,835 perfomance rating
82098.9 score per minute
GBUK Shipment 24/7 HighXP last server played
15 minutes of play time
32 weeks since first connection
32 weeks since last seen
2 connections
12 messages sent
Shipment last map played
7 months ago
Permanently Banned by Aids for aimbot
why dont you kys?
Reported by Napster for aimbot
Reported by predilias for aimboting
the game is free so
na fam
can you stop being so mad
you are playing an old as game
why u mad?
yes but how old are you if you call me kid?
so how old are you?
Reported by slick for aimbot
Reported by Temmie | for aim