#0 overall ranking
550 total kills
245 total deaths
2.24 kills per death
192 perfomance rating
0.6 score per minute
GBUK Nuketown 24/7 TDM 300 [Discord.me/gbukservers] last server played
4 hours of play time
50 weeks since first connection
29 weeks since last seen
41 connections
62 messages sent
Nuketown 2025 last map played
7 months ago
ion is cheating?
start vote if u want
You think martti is cheating?
nuke lol
lo jras por snoopy y las bragas de mafalda?
nothing unusual
lets see
dont start
martti could be, not sure
you guys rock
>im not hacking - traces people through walls
just so u know
Krysis has at least wh
Is there votekick in this one?
traced me a few times, prolly because of UAV
not sure
and martti could be too
how is this client so full of retards running around with injections
this is fucking ridiculous
now get the Krysis guy
one down
Reported Krysis for wh, aimbot
imagine hacking on a 2012 game, in custom servers
Reported [grAF] Rogue for aimbot, wh