#0 overall ranking
1,794 total kills
4,332 total deaths
0.41 kills per death
62 perfomance rating
0.3 score per minute
GBUK Nuketown 24/7 TDM 300 [Discord.me/gbukservers] last server played
1 day of play time
50 weeks since first connection
28 weeks since last seen
321 connections
170 messages sent
Nuketown 2025 last map played
6 months ago
can u leave we doing a 1v1
can u leave we doing a 1v1
can u leave we doin 1v1
nice aim buddy
thnx for spraying
htnx for camping
plus your camping and harscoping
not the balista tho
diont you know how to unlock all and create a class
nice sniper
can u stop bieng a pussy and use a sniper
o got a triple feed with knife XD
its not s its dollar sign
nice lad winter
i just shoot through that fence randomly
then spec him and see
i paniced
Kicked by IW4MAdmin for Client slot is reserved for a privileged user
not me im using dsr
so we break the map then