#172 Overall Ranking
25 Kills
62 Deaths
0.4 KDR
88 Performance
0.2 Score per Minute
3 hour(s) played
19 day(s) since first connection
9 day(s) since last connection
35 connections
14 Messages
Turbine last map played
GBUK Best Maps Hardpoint [discord.me/gbukservers] last server played
4 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned ASTROWORLD for Bruh hackin and shiet
15 day(s) ago
> did fag get banned
> perma later
> kicked out
Temporarily banned stats for fucking degen
> im out for now
> okay if anyone is suspicious of hacking please report em
> they clean
Temporarily banned [69]moe lester for mfker silent aimin
> godly?
> mfkers
17 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned joe for macros
Temporarily banned TR4P Virus for aimbot
Temporarily banned [Niga]Valoebaloe for wh
18 day(s) ago
Kicked Binauralking96 for extremely high ping
Kicked Durn for 0 recoil nibba
> smd parteo
> holy fuck i suck
Kicked Oblivion INC for dirty mofo
> ah yes im just a mod
> obl
> he seems clean just tryharding
> hey parteo