Hashinshins carpet
Senior Administrator
#1,618 overall ranking
422 total kills
585 total deaths
0.72 kills per death
75 perfomance rating
0.3 score per minute
GBUK Best Maps TDM 150 [Discord.me/gbukservers] last server played
11 hours of play time
34 weeks since first connection
7 weeks since last seen
101 connections
49 messages sent
Raid last map played
one month ago
Permanently Banned MarkM22 for wall kys
Unbanned MarkM22 for wall kys
Permanently Banned dodoflashkiller for kys, spin
Permanently Banned draz for kys aim
Permanently Banned byalex1002 for kys aim
2 months ago
enjoy your bans
k if u see anything else just report
he got banned dw
ill flag it
its ok
he left either way
but some others are just fucked up
whats weird is he is whiffing lots of shots