#264 Overall Ranking
3,896 Kills
3,822 Deaths
1.02 KDR
7,875 Performance
11126.6 Score per Minute
39 hour(s) played
30 week(s) since first connection
12 hour(s) since last connection
143 connections
478 Messages
Nuketown last map played
GBUK GunGame 24/7 last server played
2 day(s) ago
Banned Big boy chungus for .
5 day(s) ago
> gtg
> cheeky
> I destroyed door 3!
> I destroyed door 2!
> I closed door 2!
> I closed door 1!
> with that?
> and I've got a whhite screen
> Can't remember what it is
> fucken rip
> *shrugs*
> although it should have been adjusted
> Talk to Santa about those
> I mean, the cost is the same with or without this server running
> I don't know what you mean by oldschool" tho"
> Still don't understand why tho
> he already did
8 day(s) ago
> If you ask nicely in a certain chat I might be able to hook you up with a guaranteed pipe to the dedi
> what matter is the signal quality
> Doesn't matter whether it's a 1M pipe or a 1G pipe
> but 4G man
> not the connection so much as the sheeple who don't even try spacing properly
> Nobody understands spacing or basic movement
> I remembered why I stopped liking CoD so much
23 day(s) ago
> anyway, tim eto sell some guns for Santa's beer money
> parteo hak
> press N for FPS boost
> And Prateo will be sync'd on next map
> Well, time for me to go sell some guns