#340 overall ranking
5,057 total kills
4,936 total deaths
1.02 kills per death
7,426 perfomance rating
11444.4 score per minute
GBUK GunGame 24/7 last server played
2 days of play time
54 weeks since first connection
4 weeks since last seen
197 connections
504 messages sent
ending last map played
29 days ago
and AFK
balance teams
Permanently Banned darragh.what for Aimbot
2 months ago
Permanently Banned [LLJ]pzbz for silentaim
Permanently Banned Unknown Soldier 1 for Aimbot
Permanently Banned EoJz for WH
4 months ago
Love me some 105 Howitzer
Permanently Banned zoom4_ik for wallhack
I closed door 3!
I closed door 4!
I opened door 3!
I closed door 3!
Permanently Banned brad.sch1 for wallhack / silentaim
Permanently Banned vf4i for spinbot
Permanently Banned vergil for spinbot
Permanently Banned y2ez4me for Network Abuse + Aimbot
Temporarily banned y2ez4me for Network Abuse and Attempting to hide aimbot with duration of 1 week
Permanently Banned 2Good4YOU ) for WH + AB
Temporarily banned Devils for Not a PAYING customer with duration of 1 week
5 months ago
Permanently Banned Raevh for Aimbot
Back in a few
Daddy needs me to give him special service
and has numbers on it