john cena
Senior Administrator
#453 Overall Ranking
202 Kills
137 Deaths
1.47 KDR
4,151 Performance
6013.7 Score per Minute
2 hour(s) played
29 week(s) since first connection
36 day(s) since last connection
47 connections
54 Messages
Nuketown last map played
GBUK Nuketown 24/7 HighXP last server played
14 day(s) ago
Banned Born a Legend for aimbot
16 day(s) ago
Banned dkua for aimbot, kill yourself u fucking faggot
20 day(s) ago
Banned MASN10-MAN for walls
Banned cami for aimbot
21 day(s) ago
Banned heydude for aimbot kys
Banned Born a Legend for aimbot kys
Banned Moin Meister for aimbot
22 day(s) ago
Banned Helix for wallhacks
Banned JML for walls/aimbot
Banned ioN Vekays for kys faggot
24 day(s) ago
Banned Kanzu for aimbot
Banned IG SYROFN for aim/walls
26 day(s) ago
Banned lyoII for hacks
Banned a6xv for aimbot
Banned Cz3 for aimbot
Banned x7Lm for aimbot
31 day(s) ago
Banned panzohs for aimbot
Banned DaSupreme for aimbot
33 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned cancerous cunt for Investigating use of cheats
Temporarily banned Dyl for Investigating use of cheats
Banned Madness for Aimbot
Banned TATSuM1S for Aimbot
Banned big hrv for aimbot
34 day(s) ago
Banned TabsAndDbs for walls/silent aim
Banned Charlie for spinbot/aimbot/wallhacks
35 day(s) ago
Banned cheese for kys
Banned Benzii for kys
Banned hit my ovh for wallhacks
Banned poseidon for aimbot
Banned DeSper for aim/walls