#1,599 overall ranking
42 total kills
47 total deaths
0.89 kills per death
102 perfomance rating
NaN score per minute
GBUK Moshpit 24/7 TDM 300 last server played
11 hours of play time
6 weeks since first connection
5 weeks since last seen
1 connections
10 messages sent
mp_rust last map played
one month ago
I get it but make it gets boring not switching up everyonce awhiel
I used the MG instead tho
G36 is great just wish mroe variants of it
I used it for a bit
Might make one for it
Theres so many more guns that can be used but peopole chose not to
Ak is better any way for me
I try not too
Yea cause its easy to use
Is there ever a game where no one uses ACR ?