#1,215 overall ranking
248 total kills
265 total deaths
0.94 kills per death
104 perfomance rating
NaN score per minute
GBUK Moshpit 24/7 TDM 300 last server played
1 hour of play time
2 weeks since first connection
5 days since last seen
11 connections
29 messages sent
Hardhat last map played
5 days ago
how does it feel i have better job prospects and a better quality of life you sandy turkish cunt nice life
go take the bins out for your mum you mumps sufferer
acr sweating in 2020 you 40 year old man
nice job
acr sweat camping
are you really that bad at the game
last stand
zelta bot
6 days ago
juts missed a 5
12 days ago
takes no skill
reg gunning is so easy
Reported MaxBunny for wallhack
this is the only fun you have you socially inept fuck
imagine being so bad you can only kill people that are standing still
shut up virgin
not you
you are asssssss
stuns lol
camping tacs you smelly virgin
-vk vekho
let that be a lesson
all good
then do it to me lol
you complain about camping tacs