#29 overall ranking
245 total kills
145 total deaths
1.69 kills per death
33,949 perfomance rating
51879.4 score per minute
GBUK Killhouse 24/7 HighXP last server played
51 minutes of play time
2 weeks since first connection
1 week since last seen
7 connections
19 messages sent
Killhouse last map played
11 days ago
your ergo is low
what dont you understand
he doesnt have wh
already told you
some next lvl inglis
dat is
do you dont
but you are not legit
you are not using wh
i spectated you too
noone is laughing
Reported guti for aim assisst
he just cant miss
spectate him
i t hink he usies aim assisst
he is not legit but he is not using wallhack
gutti is not walling
hard to decide wich team is bigger trash camper
canb you fuckign stop capming?
do you camp well?