#513 overall ranking
1,122 total kills
732 total deaths
1.53 kills per death
176 perfomance rating
0.7 score per minute
GBUK Best Maps TDM 150 last server played
7 hours of play time
19 weeks since first connection
11 weeks since last seen
17 connections
291 messages sent
Rush last map played
4 months ago
ez kills in 2 shots
that's cuz ur used to the fal
you say i suck yet you only get kills by spamming explosives everywhere
the retard malice is the one spamming emps
i'm gonna enjoy seeing you fuck up constantly cuz you can't do shit
get fucked
300 ping and you topscore, sure
stfu you cheating cunt
u suck
it's impossible to play like that with 300 ping
malice HAS to be cheating
the fucking pussy left before i could report him
aight racist, you're getting it now
stock is by far the best attachment in ARs
how come you don't tell malice to leave too if he's got +300 ping?
or he's downloading porn
or he's got shit internet
you're gonna get banned for sure boi
different location now malice?
fucking retard toggled off after getting called out
he left too
LMAO did you turn off cheats malice?
platform has nothing to do
the whole cod community is toxic, stfu
not even aiming at him and you still win
nice ESP kid
Reported Malice Garlic for aimbot wallhack
he's aimbotting