#339 Overall Ranking
605 Kills
372 Deaths
1.63 KDR
185 Performance
0.4 Score per Minute
4 hour(s) played
6 day(s) since first connection
2 day(s) since last connection
13 connections
14 Messages
Nuketown 2025 last map played
GBUK Best Maps DOM [Discord.me/gbukservers] last server played
2 day(s) ago
> no but snapping 180 on players behind walls does
Reported gribnik for aimbot
Reported Kaparroides for aimbot
4 day(s) ago
> he is cheating on his dmr
> $vk /JulNix aimbot
> he has aimbot on his 2nd DMR
Reported /JulNix for aimbot
> $y
> type !report <name> <reason>
Reported bigmomma for aimbot
6 day(s) ago
> $y
> stop crying
Reported Ben Dover for aimbot
> haha
> make it more obvious
> you are prefireing and preaiming, allways
Reported DiedNoCrying for wh
> the spawns are all messed up
> what is this map
> that nade