#9 Overall Ranking
749 Kills
502 Deaths
1.49 KDR
27,170 Performance
32346.5 Score per Minute
6 hour(s) played
10 day(s) since first connection
3 hour(s) since last connection
18 connections
6 Messages
Killhouse last map played
GBUK Killhouse 24/7 HighXP last server played
3 day(s) ago
> i know i just mean the owner has to approve you
> i think a server owner would know that to right?
> but you schould say some one's cheating if he's just better than you
> haha lol, if you think he cheats you can post your demo in discord
> you know you can type !report right?
5 day(s) ago
Reported Marck89 for wh
> nice wh marc
Reported man? for aimbot
10 day(s) ago
Reported funnyguy for aimbot
Kicked by IW4MAdmin for Client slot is reserved for a privileged user